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The following letter was addressed to Edward HASTINGS on 29 Oct 1908

Stouffville Oct 29 - 08

Mr. Edward Hastings

Dear Sir & Bro


At the meeting of L.O. ___ held 19th Oct. you were appointed to secure names to enclosed petition in ______. We sent forms for about 50 to 55 men all over township. Will you please take lots (26 to 35 inclusive) in the fifth Concession? Please secure their names as many as you can as soon as you can & send signed lists to me, at latest by 12th Nov. I am sure you are in Pioneer what great & good work is going on, and you will be glad to help as you can. We have a fight on here but we shall win and in Whitchurch too & Markham too.

If I can give you any further light, drop me a line or call & see me.

Yours for God Above & Native land

_____. Washington

Good idea to take a comrade with you if convenient but do not wait for anybody.