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Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota



City/Town : Latitude: 44.079803, Longitude: -92.81777199999999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
21 South, Jay Sylvester  1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I08934
22 South, John Montgomery  1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00819
23 South, John Montgomery  1875Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00819
24 South, Lewis R.  1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00820
25 South, Lewis R.  1875Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00820
26 South, Lewis R.  1880Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00820
27 South, Mertie Mercy Ann  1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I01160
28 South, Norman Sepherd  1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00817
29 South, Norman Sepherd  1875Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00817
30 South, Norman Sepherd  1880Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00817
31 South, Sylvester Smith  1870Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota I00635

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