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 Kinzie - Biehn Cemetery, Kitchener, Waterloo Township, Waterloo County, ON, Canada

Kinzie - Biehn Cemetery

The Kinzie - Biehn Cemetery is located on Mill Park Drive in Kitchener at Biehn Tract Lot 1 Waterloo Township, Waterloo County, Ontario. According to the Waterloo Region Branch of the Ontario Genealogy Society, this cemetery is located on the original farm of John Biehn who came to Canada from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. in 1800. His son-in-law, Delman Kenzie, of Bucks County, arrived at the same time and set up his homestead across the road from the cemetery. Both were Mennonite.


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
BOWMAN, Ivan and Vera Scheifele
BOWMAN, Ivan and Vera Scheifele
Located    Ivan Bowman (d. 4 Aug 1968)
Severia "Vera" Catherine Scheifele (d. 21 Dec 1999)

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