Selected Church Records, Parish of Bleidenrod
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1792 Birth of Johannes Lein


1791 Birth of Anna Catharina Lein


1742 Marriage of Conrad Becker and Anna Gehla (surname not given)


1739 Marriage of Johann Heinrich Lein and Elisabetha Philipson


1748 Marriage of Conrad Diegel and Elisabetha Bapsten


1801 Birth of Elisabetha Lein --- this is wife of Henry Wurm Sr.


1802 Birth of Anna Catharina Lein


1804 Birth of Johannes Lein -- this is brother of Elizabeth Lein


1761 Marriage of Conrad Diegel and Catharina Mieden (or Mieder)


1774 Marriage of Conrad Lein to Anna Elizabeth Linding (or Leading)


1774 Marriage of Anna Lein to Johan Martin Buchenau


1774 Marriage of Otto Reinhardt Diegel and Julianne Stroh


1751 Marriage of Johannes Lein and Anna Catharina Martin


1753 Marriage of Mathaus Lein to Anna Helena Becker


1758 Marriage of Nicolaus Lein and Catharina Dorothy Martin


1793 Birth of ?? Lein