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Cavalier County, North Dakota



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Christianson, Anna  Oct 1888Cavalier County, North Dakota I35958
2 Johnson, Edwin  25 Jun 1898Cavalier County, North Dakota I35994
3 Johnson, Mabel  20 Aug 1903Cavalier County, North Dakota I35996
4 Johnson, Oscar  1901Cavalier County, North Dakota I35995
5 Jonasson, Runa  8 Jan 1923Cavalier County, North Dakota I35886
6 Mostad, Clayton Florian  07 Sep 1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I32749
7 Soli, Laurie Keith  12 Mar 1936Cavalier County, North Dakota I01377
8 Tollefson, Carl  1885Cavalier County, North Dakota I35907
9 Tollefson, Ella Cornelie  1881Cavalier County, North Dakota I35906
10 Tollefson, Maynard  10 Oct 1918Cavalier County, North Dakota I32942


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elen  31 Oct 1935Cavalier County, North Dakota I25773
2 Helga  18 Nov 1934Cavalier County, North Dakota I25779
3 Braaten, Albert Oscar  25 Apr 1961Cavalier County, North Dakota I32637
4 Christianson, Christina  21 Aug 1943Cavalier County, North Dakota I35949
5 Christianson, Syver  1 May 1918Cavalier County, North Dakota I35955
6 Eckle, Antonmina "Minnie"  24 Dec 1952Cavalier County, North Dakota I25774
7 Eckle, Arnt  05 Jul 1948Cavalier County, North Dakota I25772
8 Johnson, August Reinhold  18 Jul 1983Cavalier County, North Dakota I35908
9 Johnson, Edwin  1 Dec 1955Cavalier County, North Dakota I35994
10 Johnson, Mabel  27 Jun 1990Cavalier County, North Dakota I35996
11 Johnson, Oscar  1976Cavalier County, North Dakota I35995
12 Knutson, Clara Serena  12 Nov 1967Cavalier County, North Dakota I01252
13 Larson, Selma Frederica  28 Jan 1944Cavalier County, North Dakota I35993
14 Moe, Peter  27 Apr 1950Cavalier County, North Dakota I35954
15 Mostad, Denver Lyle  19 Jan 1935Cavalier County, North Dakota I32751
16 Mostad, George Arthur  21 Jan 1955Cavalier County, North Dakota I25780
17 Mostad, Nikolai  07 Dec 1947Cavalier County, North Dakota I25778
18 Peterson, Alfred  21 Feb 1983Cavalier County, North Dakota I01020
19 Stavran, John  23 Sep 1922Cavalier County, North Dakota I32671
20 Tollefson, Carl  1894Cavalier County, North Dakota I35907

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Austad, Anna Sigfrid  1915Cavalier County, North Dakota I09387
2 Braaten, Carl  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I01054
3 Braaten, Cyrus  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I01055
4 Braaten, Gordon  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I32705
5 Braaten, Grant Nicholas  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I01053
6 Braaten, Iola  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I01056
7 Braaten, Lillian  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I01058
8 Braaten, Myron  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I01057
9 Braaten, Sidney  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I01059
10 Christianson, Christina  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I35949
11 Moe, Alda Irene  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I35989
12 Moe, Peter  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I35954
13 Olsdatter, Anna Emile  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I01249
14 Olson, Ole Haroldson  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I00028
15 Olson, Ole K.  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I00035
16 Olson / Braaten, Samuel Christian  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I01052
17 Peterson, Alfred  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I01020
18 Peterson, Alvin Nicholas  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I01243
19 Peterson, Herman  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I01245
20 Peterson, Mary  1920Cavalier County, North Dakota I01244

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Johnson / Larson  1897Cavalier County, North Dakota F11174

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