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Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan


City/Town : Latitude: 42.331427, Longitude: -83.0457538


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Frederick  Abt 1871Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I22421
2 Barber, Cassie  Abt 1877Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11261
3 Brennan, Jack "John"  1 Apr 1926Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11869
4 Burns, Samuel  Abt 1880Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I18998
5 DeBeauclair, Lillian  1890Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I30617
6 Dinger, Victor Emanuel  Abt 1897Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I24900
7 Frye, Albert O. "Bud"  13 Apr 1921Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I37210
8 Gummer, Bertram G.  04 Jul 1881Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I30074
9 Hastings, Warren Wilberforce  17 Jul 1889Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I05578
10 Hocking, Corrine Clara  30 Sep 1928Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I00553
11 Ingison, Josephine Olivia  9 Apr 1905Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11449
12 Kimball, Ralph C.  20 Nov 1896Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I38697
13 Morgan, Ida  Abt 1865Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I28142
14 Neundorf, Fred Charles  14 Apr 1878Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I37217
15 Pluff, 1st Lt Andrew Charles  1918Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I34825
16 Ralph, Reta Vivien  Abt 1905Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I36465
17 Rankin, Gerald Paul  30 Aug 1925Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11267
18 Rebh, Robert Paul  28 Feb 1925Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I00552
19 Redinger, Kathryn "Kay" Ann  6 Jan 1918Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I00359
20 Rivar, Dawn Maria  1 Jul 1946Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I38854

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Becker, Aloysia "Alice" Ernestina  29 Dec 1963Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11780
2 Becker, Charlotte Jacobina  8 DecDetroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11781
3 Becker, Christian  Abt 1933Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11742
4 Becker, Frances May  8 Dec 1960Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11783
5 Becker, Heloise A.  Apr 1970Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11790
6 Brennan, Chester Frank  29 Jun 1968Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11784
7 Brennan, James Robert  14 Mar 1989Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11868
8 Frost, William Clayton  Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11782
9 Gaiser, Christina  9 Feb 1946Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11180
10 Geiger, George  Abt 1927Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I21464
11 Mathias, Florence A.  30 Jul 1966Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11448
12 Munroe, Archie  24 Feb 1926Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I38477
13 Neundorf, Fred Charles  31 Oct 1938Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I37217
14 Peters, Fred Lou  Nov 1967Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I34797
15 Rebh, George Albert  8 Jul 1963Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I00551
16 Rupp, Alvin Chauncey  8 Oct 1966Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I00549
17 Schlinkert, Edgar Carl  2 Jan 1998Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I12250
18 Schnell, Elton Henry  Mar 1977Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I18965
19 Sippel, Clara  Nov 1902Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I06938
20 Sippel, Helma  13 Jan 1975Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I06946

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Anna  1940Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I33216
2 Minnie  1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I36184
3 Baetz, Walter Edward  1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I19778
4 Becker, Charlotte Jacobina  1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11781
5 Becker, Frances May  1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11783
6 Becker, Heloise A.  1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11790
7 Becker, Heloise A.  1940Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11790
8 Brennan, Chester F.  1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11872
9 Brennan, Chester Frank  1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11784
10 Brennan, Jack "John"  1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11869
11 Brennan, James Robert  1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11868
12 Christianson, Ethel May  1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I38333
13 DeBeauclair, Lillian  1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I30617
14 Ellerbrunn, Albert Joseph  1940Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I13583
15 Ellerbrunn, Alma T.  1940Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I33218
16 Ellerbrunn, Rita M.  1940Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I33217
17 Finkbeiner, Albert Wesley  1920Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11259
18 Finkbeiner, Albert Wesley  1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11259
19 Foster, Mary  1920Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I04430
20 Foster, Mary  1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I04430

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Schwanz, William Reuben  3 Apr 1943Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11198


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Becker, Frances May  22 Sep 1917Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I11783
2 Brennan, Ed  Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I35799
3 Deady, Frank  Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I35800
4 Kohn, Henry R.  12 Dec 1921Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I36148
5 McDermott, Agnes  Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I34051
6 McDermott, Ann  Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I34043
7 McDermott, Lawrence Leo  Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I34048
8 McDermott, Loretta  Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I34044
9 Moyer, Josephine  24 Apr 1942Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I33138
10 Nicholls, Albert  Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I34066
11 Wurm, Hulda  6 Jul 1908Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I18649
12 Wurm, Katherine  7 Jun 1945Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I12261
13 Wurm, Purden Mathew  24 Apr 1935Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan I13243


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Billings / Kneff  31 AugDetroit, Wayne County, Michigan F2940
2 Dean / Rupp  25 Nov 1925Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F3077
3 Eilber / Leach  3 Jul 1923Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F11207
4 Feldrappe / Sippel  05 Jul 1916Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F1708
5 Finkbeiner / Wind  4 Apr 1914Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F11786
6 Gaiser / Meyer  7 Jun 1930Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F6491
7 Huetter / Wurm  10 Jun 1925Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F7154
8 Kretzman / Gaiser  14 Feb 1957Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F1884
9 Merrill / Read  29 Apr 1890Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F9947
10 Neundorf / Sterner  29 Nov 1905Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F11627
11 Nicholls / McDermott  28 Jan 1920Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F10505
12 Pardo / Wurm  4 May 1897Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F11089
13 Parshall / Wurm  29 Apr 1908Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F9579
14 Peters / Frochlich  23 Dec 1919Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F10738
15 Rebh / Rupp  23 Apr 1921Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F0109
16 Redinger / Wurm  5 Sep 1908Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F0049
17 Rupp / Aubin  29 Jun 1910Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F3014
18 Rupp / Davidson  26 Oct 1910Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F10487
19 Rupp / Ingison  5 May 1923Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F3017
20 Rupp / Mathias  28 Nov 1923Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan F3082

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