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Willapa, Pacific County, Washington


City/Town : Latitude: 46.6748226, Longitude: -123.66627040000003


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Dora  1910Willapa, Pacific County, Washington I36376
2 Dora  1930Willapa, Pacific County, Washington I36376
3 Chamberlin, Franklin Ray  1910Willapa, Pacific County, Washington I09100
4 Chamberlin, Merl Wells  1910Willapa, Pacific County, Washington I34635
5 Hobart, Frederick E.  1910Willapa, Pacific County, Washington I36381
6 Hobart, Gilbert J.  1910Willapa, Pacific County, Washington I36380
7 Hobart, Luther  1910Willapa, Pacific County, Washington I36382
8 Hobart, Robert  1910Willapa, Pacific County, Washington I36383
9 Hobart, Robert  1930Willapa, Pacific County, Washington I36383
10 Smith, Georgina H.  1910Willapa, Pacific County, Washington I36385
11 Smith, Georgina H.  1930Willapa, Pacific County, Washington I36385
12 Smith, Jesse Clyde  1910Willapa, Pacific County, Washington I36384
13 Smith, Jesse Clyde  1930Willapa, Pacific County, Washington I36384
14 Walden, Edith "Edie" Louise  1910Willapa, Pacific County, Washington I34634

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