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1801 census listing of Biørndalen Farm in Sigdal Parish, Buskerud County, Norway

Reidar Kjetilsson is mentioned in the Sigdal bygdebok under the Haslebråtan(Bjørndalen) farm on page 100, states he was a mine worker.
He is listed in the 1801 census, along with his brother Kristoffer and mother Ingebjørg, on the Bjørndalen farm in Sigdal parish). Reidar Kjetilsson is listed as entry #60 at the bottom, and his household position was a renter, lodger on a farm, age 44, a bachelor and a mine worker. Documentation recording Reidar after 1801 has not been located. It is not known if he married or moved out of the parish, etc.

Ingebor Larsdotter is listed as entry #38. Her household position is listed as "innerst" which mean renter or lodger on a farm. Her marital status is widowed for the first time. Her occupation is listed as living off of charity or alms. Her age of 76 is consistent with her birth year of 1725.

This record also lists the family of Kristoffer Kjetilsson living on the Bjørndalen farm in Sigdal parish of Buskerud County in 1801 as follows:

-Kristoffer Kjetilsson "husband", age 53, married the 2nd time, his occupation was "tenant farmer/cotter, farming, and he was also a mine worker"
-Marit Larsdotter "wife", age 44, married the 1st time
-Asle Kristoffersson "son" , age 22, single, his occupation was "crippled, disabled"
-Helge Kristoffersson "son", age 20,single, his occupation was "a tailor"
-Lars Kristoffersson "son", age 11
-Nils Kristoffersson "son", age 1
-Kari Kristoffersdotter "daughter", age 8
-Ingeborg Kristoffersdotter "daughter", age 5

The mother of the youngest four children was Marit Larsdotter. A review of church records suggests that no further children were born to Kristoffer Kjetilsson Bjørndalen and Marit Larsdotter.

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Linked toReidar Kjetilsson; Kristoffer Kjetilsson Bjørndalen; Kari Kristoffersdotter Bjørndalen; Asle Kristoffersson; Lars Kristoffersson; Nils Kristoffersson Bjørndalen; Sgt. Helge Kristoffersson Dal; Marit Larsdotter; Ingebjørg Larsdotter Kroken

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